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In 2011, Gary Riddle and his good friend Mike Christian decided to end their almost two pack-a-day cigarette habit by investing $300 on e-cigarette kits. It was a true last-ditch effort to free them from the deadly web of cigarettes. The first two weeks were horrible, their bodies were detoxing from the deadly chemicals added to the cigarettes even though they were vaping 32 milligrams of nicotine. Throughout Gary’s whole life, he was told nicotine was the devil even though what he was really addicted to were the additives. He enjoyed the social aspect and experience of smoking, but not the health consequences, smell, and the financial impact it was having since he was recently laid-off from his union job.


There was only one issue for Gary, the cartridges were extremely expensive and often came dried and unusable. Gary visited www.ecigaretteforum.com and learned about a few individuals who were making DIY e-liquids. Gary then knew he wanted to learn how to make his own mixes and save money to refill his pre-filled cartridges. Enlightened by this experience, Gary began to think about how he could be a part of this new uncharted industry. Gary opened his browser, went to a domain-purchasing site, and started typing in various vaping related names. BOOM… The first thing he naturally typed in was www.mrgoodvape.com.


Gary’s mind started to really buzz and he wanted a memorable logo that people could recognize without seeing the text Mr. Good Vape. Gary sat down on his couch, leaned over, and outlined the words Mr. Good Vape with a ballpoint pen. Months went by, Gary spoke with his best friend, Adam Henderson, outside of his new job using his new Buzz Pro tube mod, and said to him, “I'm going to take the leap and start Mr. Good Vape”. There were just too many people interested in this new peculiar hobby Gary had picked up, plus to his own success, had quit smoking cigarettes entirely.


In 2012, there weren’t any local shops or distribution channels for vape products other than Vape Revolution located in Cerritos, California. Needless to say Vape Revolution was phenomenal. Set in a beautiful location with the vision to bringing premium products to individuals looking to convert to vaping. This is when Gary was introduced to brands such as Pink Spot, Flavors by Joe, Virgin Vapors, and Jameson. Each brand had their own unique flair to them but the real excitement was there were so many flavor profiles that didn’t exist in the industry. Vape Revolution offered Mr Good Vape a chance to become an exclusively represented brand, which was a dream come true since Vape Revolution was the pinnacle of the vape industry at the time. After the contract was signed, Gary and his wife Courtney put their entire savings of $2,500 on the line in order flavor extracts, a gallon of vegetable glycerin, a gallon of propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin based extracts.


On the drive home Gary was thinking of how many people he had introduced to vaping, and said out loud jokingly that he must be “The Godfather of Vaping”. At this point, the true image of his final logo had finally come to light. Gary called his good friend, Ivan McClain, who was a talented graphic designer and struck up a deal by trading Ivan a complete vape setup for the chance to collaborate on the logo. The labels for Mr. Good Vape’s first flavors Moon Sugar, Karma Cream, Melon Head, Dream Sicle, Sunshine Daydream, and Sweet Lovin were designed using the perfect fun font they found.

– TeamMGV

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