The video below is very interesting, regulators are working hard to put stiff stipulations on both the vaping buyer and the vaping shops. The policies that they want to implement claim to prevent teenagers from becoming addicted to vaping juice flavors. Are these select group of kids and young adults being purposely targeted to disproportionally show the negative aspects of the vaping community?  Anti – Smoking campaigns had never become as widespread and media driven as the vaping topic has now been propagated in the news. 50% of high school seniors have either tried smoking or currently smoke. Why aren’t these numbers being looked at objectively during the same time by tobacco abolitionist?

Mr. Good Vape has been forecasting much of these regulations, we have been taking the proper precautions for an inevitable shift within the vaping community. We know that shops will have a hard time surviving and it will cost some hundreds of thousands for some to meet regulation policies and new industry standards. What we take from this, the many companies that you see left standing, have ad here’d to quality standards set by the FDA and American Health Association and have been approved on every level. All in all, this doesn’t change the effects of demand, demand will still continue, leaving quality suppliers to fulfill these orders. It seems that abusers will always be found to take advantage of all things prohibited from them. Through education, we can limit those numbers and help in allowing vaping to continue and become readily accessible for all people that really need it.

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