How much money do you need?

The Vape Space has turned average Americans into millionaires. But there’s no guarantee of success. About one in five vape shops fail. Others are limping along and need to increase their profit margins.

Are You Ready to Become a Vape Space Master?

Developed by vape space pros, you’ll learn everything you need to be a success, whether you’re starting or running a brick and mortar vape shop, e-liquid brand or online store.

In development for over a year, VAPE U was developed by business experts after consulting with hundreds of vape space business owners.

What Are the Six Pillars to Vape Space Success?

The Six Pillars of Success are the foundation of your business.

We compiled a list of the most important business tenets you need to know to get your vape space business up and running profitably!

  1. Successful Business Strategies & Models: Businesses don’t fail; people fail. Step one is to understand how to use your strengths to build a successful business model.
  2. Branding & Competitive Positioning: What makes you and your business unique? Learn how to create a winning brand that focuses on your unique selling proposition.
  3. Product Selection: After helping dozens of vape space businesses open their doors, we know what sells and how to deliver what your customers want the most.
  4. Customer Acquisition, Retention and Service: The trinity of success. You’ll learn the tricks and tools for how to attract and build a loyal customer base. If you master this stage, you’ll master your business!
  5. Dealing with the Law: Next, you’ll learn what kind of licenses and permits are needed. Plus, the Big Bad Wolf – the FDA – is pounding on the door. We’ll help you understand the rules of the game so you’ll win.
  6. Social Media & PR: Learn the best practices in social media and marketing in the online world. Also learn how to use social media such as Instagram to put referrals on steroids.

BONUS SESSION: An exclusive MasterMind for VAPE U students. Collaborate and empower each other while sharing your stories.


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