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MGV LLC ANNOUNCES NEW C.E.O FOR 2015 – Mr. Good Vape Inc


TEMECULA, CALIFORNIA – Mr. Good Vape LLC one of the largest ejuice producers globally has gained world recognition. Known for its juice production procedures and the authentic dessert line it produces. Mr. Good Vape prides itself for working closely with Executive Chef George Kapetsonis, who has been the culinary designer for some of the newest flavors to procure original food recipes.
As of February 2nd 2015, Mr. Good Vape’s Founder/President Gary Riddle has announced that George Kapetsonis will be taking the position as C.E.O of the company. Mr. Good Vape LLC will be transitioning into new expansions for 2015. “It’s exciting to have a world renowned executive chef, in the forefront of an ejuice company, that’s known for creating top industry premium flavors.” – Stated Founder and President Gary Riddle.

George had began gaining traction in the vape community late last year. Securing a position in Njoy’s Artist Collection, he had proven to be the highest rated of 5 flavor designers with his juice submissionHedon’s Bite. Having recognition among the vape community and his feature in Njoy’s documentary of the same title Artist Collection. George is ready to take on a larger role within the Vape Community.“I am excited to be a part of a team that has a proven track record of unique flavor profiles and one of the highest quality standards among the industry.” – Expressed by George Kapetsonis.
Mr. Good Vape LLC explains that nothing will change for their customers or resellers, during this transition. People will notice an expedited level of service from many of the company platforms. Gary Riddle reiterates the reasons behind George’s new position in the company. “His background exceeds the culinary arts, managing over 160 employees while overseeing budgets exceeding $36 million in company revenues.” George believes that having an executive position isn’t conquered alone by being passionate, but  bringing 100% every day in everything you do without acceptance of failure.

Mr. Good Vape LLC is creating a new experience for vape enthusiasts, by giving media driven services on their website and extending that throughout their digital platforms. Gary, will be constructing innovative media content for users to personally engage with the company. George’s background in business will allow a seamless shift in gears to a direction that the company has always wanted to reach. Mr. Good Vape LLC explains this as an exciting time for the company and can’t wait to introduce many of these new changes to the vape community.
Learn more about Mr. Good Vape LLC, the products and company events by visiting www.mrgoodvape.com. Follow Mr. Good Vape on Facebook, Twitter and Instgram @mrgoodvape.

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