An industry so original, diverse and unique. Created out of necessity and proven to be one of a kind. The vaping industry has taken on a life of its own, nurtured yet vibrant allowing so many to cling onto its sturdy branches, a small seed is now growing well matured. We have entered into an age where an unsteady economy has made each individual all for self and the road to survival is met with stiff competition.  Conservatives are taking great due diligence to the many vaping risks, swaying public opinion towards big tobacco. So called liberals are in support of what is now being seen as a 6 billion dollar industry and are willing participants for a variety of motives. During a time where family is sacrificed and community is defined by a nostalgic memory, an industry is born.

To be independent by definition means; not influenced or controlled by others in matters of opinion, conduct, etc.; thinking or acting for oneself. This tends to describe many who lead the forefront of the vaping movement. Visionaries that have direction, determination and a cause. Every industry starts fresh, with purpose, dreams and desires. Many of the pioneers that evolved our most prominent industries originally started out of pure innovation. The vaping industry has become a new way of living, not only has it created a new way of engaging, it has now created second chances at life. People are coming forward with real life stories relinquishing the shackles of addiction from decades of smoking. Lives that have been effected due to economic conditions, vaping has opened up job opportunities and a sense of higher purpose for so many globally.

Community has been redefined, during a time where competition is at an all-time high, the vaping community looks among brothers and sisters, welcoming new members without discrimination on their vaping preference. So many are eager to help, learn and volunteer assistance to others in the battle against the deadly tobacco addiction. Being involved and taking note to this growing collective, should be the primary focus of so many struggling companies in different industries. The vaping industry is reshaping how people define doing business. Independent power is being shown where the people hold the torch and for once corporate conglomerates are feeling their hands are tied.

The brotherhood developed and the business comradery supported by one another gives an open forum for learning and exceling. The unspoken group understanding goes much deeper than any monetary exchange. People are agreeing to positive personal changes that they are having and they have decided to invest their lives. The driving force creating the vape industry has become a living breathing mechanism strengthened by the will and devotion of the people. This explains the rapid rate at which the industry has grown, because it’s something real, a tangible tool without temporary fulfillment that people are willing to live by.

As I write what describes a foundation within the vaping community, vapers must understand that these core values is what shape’s the industry into this blossoming infinite potential. Outside figures that speak with a special interest will greet the community wearing a velvet glove covered by an iron fist. There are regulators that will come in the form of supporters with intentions to rip the very soul out of what was created all for personal gain. It’s important that vapers stay as a community, stay informed and continue to save and change lives. In a time where America is in a position of such division by socio-economic status, vaping has brought people of all complexions, nationalities, creeds, colors and backgrounds together, all for one common goal, which is living a longer and stronger life. Our numbers are growing rapidly and there is power in numbers. Vape Free.

Cory Austin

Marketing Director of MGV LLC

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