I quit smoking and started vaping October 30th, 2010. At first it was mainly to save money, but then I realized I could really quit that nasty habit and become healthier! I started with a 510 manual e-cig, slowly progressing through ego’s, variable voltage cigs and now I’m happy to be an avid cloud chaser with a penchant for copper mech mods. I started vaping with 36mg liquid and have been able to step down all the way to 3mg. I even got my wife and best friend hooked. They both quit smoking a year ago and are both by my side at local cloud competitions. He even took first and she got second place at a pretty large one in Louisville. I’m so ecstatic with all the juice I won from Mr. Good Vape. It’s delicious! My favorite is Karma Cream:) Thanks for the opportunity to enter a fun contest and win all this amazing e-liquid!
Thanks again,
    Mark C

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