For some, today symbolizes a day off from a job of hard stress and for those that are students this is only a break from a tedious school schedule. A family may see this as a free day to appreciate themselves. For those that have contributed in the connotation of today, their initial hardships may have posed different circumstances. Integrating back into a world that is completely foreign to them. Others have had to create a life within a world where they were completely void and foreign to others. With so many unsheltered, disenfranchised due to the disproportion in proper medical care. Individual’s that once embodied a reflection of ourselves unfortunately can become shadows in our social perception, as if they didn’t exist. The recycle process is devastating with so many homeless after a life contribution towards a service to this great nation. The wealthiest country can fund the war, but economically can’t feed the sick, hungry and poor.

For most, the attribute of bravery has become a sleeping giant. Where the sacrifice against the face of adversity has become hidden behind digital screens, petitions are signed online and tyranny is fought from keyboards. With Values being lost, integrity is becoming foreign and freedom is being displaced. Today pointing the finger of incrimination has taken precedence over what one believes. Taking a stand where you serve your beliefs with your life and in the protection of those closest to you, becomes a remarkable virtue. The role of a solider becomes immense, not only laying down their life in constitute of others, but a symbol and icon in all countries for the code of conduct that follows.

Our Veterans are more than the iconic figure that they have lived and stood as. To many this can be a brother, mother, father, uncle, aunt, sister, family, friend, wife or husband. Everyday should be a day that we recognize their contribution and take a page out of their book for our own lives. Yet, this day is a day that is granted and nationally recognized for Veterans and who they are to us.

Here at Mr. Good Vape, we want to thank those that are alive and well and honor others whether poor and struggling for their service. We would like to thank all Veterans of all types for their portrayal in dignity and honor during their time of service. We ask that each of you take the time to make a special phone call or thank someone you see today, that maybe a Veteran. Also feel free to leave a comment below on anyone that you may want to give a special thanks to that you respect and hold dear. If you are a veteran we would love for you to leave your service information below and of course let us know your favorite Mr. Good Vape Juice! From all of us to all of you, thank you for taking the time to read this post and have a Happy Veterans Day!

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