In our tearing away from big tobacco, government influence and corporate lobbyist. We search for our independence in an industry that is growing yet scrutinized by the popular social medium of today. What is deemed safe, healthy and beneficial comes with a long list of red tape and structured stipulations. Large corporate conglomerates, not only have an influence in nicotine and tobacco, but share an extended hand in the medicinal and pharmaceutical industries. Like big tobacco, big pharma every year racks in billions from unsuspecting individuals who have been marketed disease in endless efforts globally. In common cases much of what we are presented as safe substances to ingest, can lead to harmful repercussions. This can be due to the lack of evidence being presented from hard clinical research (we can see this in the chemical comparison later found with cigarettes vs vaping). Many people have even had claims of illnesses feeling as if they dissipate due to our industry as a smoking alternative. A new documentary poses many questions to how we deal with disease in this country and illness globally. The film “The Business of DisEase” addresses the control that big pharma has, from its corporate influence, financial backing and its manufactured diagnosis to people’s of all kind. The information is profound, educating and our role in it is the most relevant. The most important part is the film is offering solutions. The film is being premiered on the 15th of this month at the Laemmle Theater in North Hollywood. Mr. Good Vape invites you to become aware and not comprise our education to a single level, but allow our selves to become conscious on multiple levels. Thank you for your support, we appreciate your time in reading this post. Feel free to check out. The Business of Disease,

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