Mr. Good Vape was chosen as one of the top 5 juice lines in the world by NJOY. We are honored to have created a juice blend for their new Artist Collection. NJOY is not owned or ever will be by big tobacco. NJOY has funded the fight against biased laws, regulations, and has been the backbone of the entire vaping industry without asking anything in return. Check out the video and see our Master Juice Blender Chef George Kapetsonis.

Visit to find out who is carrying the Artist Collection near you or purchase the collection for your store.

Introducing the Artist Collection – a sophisticated suite of masterful taste sensations, pushing the limits of experiential flavor indulgence. Curated by NJOY, created by the world’s top flavor artists.

Call your local vape shop and request the Artist Collection.

The Artists:

Daniel – FlavorZ Academy
Anne-Claire – Vaponaute
Randy – P.O.E.T.
Jeremy – Goodlife Vapor
George – Mr. Goodvape

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