Mr. Good Vape is known for its exquisite taste and does it again by releasing its twelfth premium fruit blended flavor; Honey Baby. Without any exception Honey Baby is one of many superior quality flavors garnished by the “Godfather of Vaping”. This flavor is the newest addition to the Good Vape family and like the others it draws a deep sensual euphoric attraction.  With a delicious combination of Honey Dew, a dash of fresh Honey Dew Melon, Mango, Guava, sweet Honeysuckle and combined by an exotic vanilla extract from Madagascar. Honey Baby becomes the delightful tropical beauty that will have connoisseurs immersed in desire. Another timeless aroma set by the “Godfather of Vaping” Mr. Good Vape.

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What Mr. Good Vape created as a foundation, is the unwavering vision and passion to develop the highest quality vaping experience. From the start, classic blends have been mixed together that have caught the eyes of the global vaping community. Beginning with Moon Sugar, Karma Cream; then very complex desert flavors such as Dabble Dooyah and Sundae Fundae.

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