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The newest member of the Mr. Good Vape family is George Kapetsonis, who is acclaimed for being an Executive Sous Chef forHarrah’s Resort Southern California. Chef George has an impressive background in culinary design and interpretation. His vast experience allows him to share his passion of world class cuisine and flavor with Mr. Good Vape, allowing both parties the ease of integrating their separate perspectives into the company’s culture. This is an ideal platform for Chef George to work through his culinary knowledge, adding a deft hand into creating the best possible e-liquids available in today’s market.

George is the primary chef who finalized the engineering behind Mr. Good Vape’s latest flavor Honey Baby. He has the unique ability to bring his brand of culinary concepts to the table. George was well received following his appearances on national television for his wide knowledge of the culinary arts. He directly oversees the kitchen and restaurant operations for one of the largest resort hotels in the world, giving him an extensive grasp on food recipes and designs.

Chef George used his expertise, and through a sophisticated, yet subtle approach, Honey Baby blossomed with its flavorful depth and originality. Mr. Good Vape interviews Chef George about his background, training, and how he came up with the concept for Honey Baby:

Q:  What had first inspired you to become a chef?

A:  When I was a kid, food was a big part of our lifestyle. I grew up in a small town in Louisiana where we raised chickens, grew vegetables, fished and hunted as a routine.  Growing up, the premise was always to provide for myself no matter who was there. I was raised to be self-sufficient, which included cooking and growing vegetables. Later when I started working, I always worked within the food establishments.  When I went to college in Las Vegas, I wasn’t really interested in all the general education. My buddy got me a job as a busser in an Italian restaurant, across the street from the Las Vegas Convention Center.  At that point, I went into the back end of the restaurant inside the kitchen. From there I knew at that moment, this is where I wanted to be.

Q: How did you attain your culinary training and certifications?

A: I attended Le Cordon Bleu in Las Vegas for two years and then my experience for the next 10 years has led me to achieve the title of Certified Executive Chef through the American Culinary Federation.

Q: What was required of you to become certified through the American Culinary Federation?

A: Besides the experience that you need to have, the whole process took about 3 years. There were additional classes in business, nutrition and sanitation. In addition, you also needed actual hands-on restaurant experience. Once those classes were completed, I had to send an application to be approved by the American Culinary Federation. From that point there is a two part exam, the first is written and the second is practical. The questions in the written exam cover all facets of being an executive chef in a large scale operation. The practical exam is a 3 hour skills test covering knife cuts, cooking techniques, and traditional practices of the industry.

Q: When creating dishes, would you say you specialize in anything particular or have a certain style?

A: My experience has always been high volume steak houses, typically with an American and French training background.

Q: Do you feel that your training in creating dishes is similar to making e-liquid?

Taste is based off of smell. If you can’t smell anything, you can’t taste anything. When developing e-liquids, the first place to start is with smell. The combinations of the flavors are common in the business whether it be desserts, or cocktails etc. Then it all basically comes down to trial and error.

Q: How do you feel you can contribute to Mr. Good Vape and its flavors?

A: My experience in the industry, and having a well-rounded understanding of what tastes mix well together. The collaboration between the two industries has helped me become more innovative with creating new cuisine and e-liquids.

Q: What inspired you along the way to find the perfect blend that makes up Honey Baby?

A: Earlier when I worked in a steakhouse we mixed honeydew with vanilla beans, and that came out really well. There was an instance a couple years back where I had to make an ice cream using a technique that had a very specific recipe. As I was researching how to make this ice cream, I learned to stay away from fruit with high water content. Cantaloupe is an example of something not to use.  I wanted to use honeydew because it had such a low water content in the melon. It comes down to when its frozen you can serve to order, and when garnishing it we served it with guava and mango.  With Honey Baby, I added the honeysuckle simply because its smell complemented the rest of the extract combination and that played off the name of the juice.

Q: Being that you are a vaper, what was your favorite flavor prior to Honey Baby?

A: Melon Head.

Q: So do you feel that you lean toward fruit flavors when you vape?

A: Yes. Anything heavy like a desert or cinnamon is too much for me. However, the lighter fruity type of vapes don’t seem to leave a film that sticks to the top of my mouth.


We would like to thank our culinary designer George Kapetsonis for this interview. We are very excited to be working with George on our future projects. We are ecstatic to offer you our newest flavor Honey Baby with the quality you can count on from the Godfather of Vaping.

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